The 3-dimensional systems of visual representation are an innovation in the
fields of advertising, event management, communication and sales.

OloPrisma has created innovative solutions for the advertising and communication markets.
With the use of new, constantly developing technology it implements a prototype system of projection, which presents 3-dimensional moving holographic displays of high definition.
It is a unique protected product which can assist in enhancing the presentation of a product, a brand or a message.

It can be applied in spaces such as shop windows, exhibition kiosks, conferences, company lobbies and presentations, architectural offices, advertising events.

OloPrisma can differentiate your presentation, your exhibition or promotional event, from common presentations and can appeal to audiences in a much more realistic way.

The content can be real or iconic people, products or part of, special effects, logos, messages and/or a combination of the above.

Its operation is but a two-step sequence.
Placing a USB stick or an external hard drive containing the holographic video and switching it on, within 9 seconds we have the start of your presentation.